REFOKAIDaC GmbH was founded in 2005, we are a service-oriented multi-function company, we are the sole chinese company which has dual branch - - business&tourism service in Franconia region, Bavaria, Germany. The main business scope act as: consulting service for internationale Investment (M&A), International exhibition intergrated service, International business communication service, establishment company in Germany and business hosting service(Virtual Office) after company establishment and so on. The company since its inception, relying on good cooperation relationship with local government and enterprise, depend on our own environment and language advantage, with "efficient, professional, pragmatic, honest" as the service Purpose, actively promote Exchanges and Cooperation in economy, culture, education, and so far as other fields between China and Germany. We have worked closely with “Fränkischen Gesellschaft zur Förderung der deutsch-chinesischen Zusammenarbeit” (FGZ) in long-term cooperations relationship, which was founded by the former German economic development minister, Mr. Carl-Dieter Spranger.

Many Years successful experiences and development we set up a branch company in Wuxi in 2010. Wuxi subsidiary is actively support to the German company, directly provide communication and consulting services for the Chinese entrepreneurs who focus on overseas market. Additionally we also have cooperation with Business Partner in Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and other EU countries, so that makes our services more flexible, more extensive.

Germany is the famous stronly industrial country of the world, The automotive industry, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, new materials and energy, environmental protection and other fields are ranked in the forefront of the world. High-Tech products exported worldwide as champion. For the business to the European market as a starting point in Germany, without doubt is the most wise choice.

The impact of the global financial crisis, the world economic order will be rearranged. Many Entrepreneurs investigated the suitable M&A projects. However, the language barrier and cultural differences, coupled with the differences in Western legal, is a stumbling block to success, we offer you solutions with our resources and advantage.

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Wei Zhang
general manager


Jing Wang
project manager


Claudia Gross-Vili
marketing manager