Invest in Germany

Germany is the biggest trade partner in Europe of China. With the rapid and stability development of China's economic, especially after the accession to the world trade organization, more and more chinese enterprises obtain the strength of the abroad investment. Internationalization is the only way of development for the chinese enterprises. According to the sino-german both sides incomplete statistics, at present in the German investment enterprise from China reached more than 1000.

"German industry with its long tradition, known for its high level of R & D as well as high-quality products. In addition, to provide a stable economic environment and attractive investment conditions in Germany. These are precisely the Chinese entrepreneurs to Germany as an investment more treasure. "Mr. Michael Pfeiffer said, the general manager of the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment Agency (Germany Trade & Invest).
50% of Chinese investment in Europe settled in Germany. Although the economic crisis is experienced, but direct chinese investment projects in Germany in 2009 was 65, reached a level, which does not include the acquisition of the items. This trend is rising, mainly in machinery manufacturing and electronic industries, information and electronic communication technologies as well as renewable energy and resources sector. In 2010 alone, the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment Agency (Germany Trade & Invest) has 17 investment projects in the successful transfer to the federal state. This will create 550 jobs. Chinese enterprises want to build the image, who is in the international market as capable of producing high-quality product manufacturers.

Invest in Germany to enable Chinese enterprises to benefit from the outstanding German technology, high-quality staff, as well as high-quality "Made in Germany" brand ... "(taken from the official website of the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment Agency February 2, 2011)

However, specific what attract Chinese enterprises to invest in Germany?

Germany is the largest populous country in Europe, and the No.3 strongst Economies all the world, has a mature market mechanism and perfect infrastructure, robust legal system. With the improvement of the status of China's economy, Germany is increasingly optimistic about the investment from Chinese enterprises. From Hamburg to Frankfurt, from Munich to Cologne, every cities are to take measures to attract investment from china, promote the economic sector of the cities have chinese staff or the employees with Chinese background, the main official website has a Chinese version. China fever in Germany, the Sino-German relations is an important prerequisite for the investment of Chinese enterprises in Germany.

Investment in Germany has the following favorable conditions:
First, economically powerful, broad market prospects. Germany's gross national product (GDP) accounted for 23% of the EU's gross, accounting for 22% of the EU population, Germany connect Western Europe and the rapid development of the Central and Eastern European market, is the center of the European market with a population of 450 million. German products and services to enjoy the famous brand's reputation in the world, with the highest technical quality standards, the concentrated expression of the most cost-effective production process. "Made in Germany" has become the excellent brand logo in the world, this image is very beneficial to the market for foreign-invested enterprises in Germany. Germany is not only the largest exporter in the world, but also the largest importer of Europe's.

Second, perfect infrastructure. The Development of Germany is national balanced, basically without difference between urban and rural areas, has a well-developed and efficient transport infrastructure. Only Germany has no speed limit on the highway, public transport can reach every corner of the country. Germany also formed a number of professional and technical support core radiation areas, such as southern Stuttgart is automotive industry base, north of Hamburg focused on the most important media in Germany, Frankfurt is the financial center and hub of air traffic in Europe. In addition, the German company is also the world leader in terms of the internal exchange of information and communication technology applications.

Third, with the high level of education. Germany has the first-class vocational education and higher education institutions, to provide a large number of skilled, highly qualified technical personnel. German dual system of vocational education supplied vocational school to learn and practice in the corporate combination, generally emulate this model for international. The First-Class technology university, such as the the Aachen University, Darmstadt University, University Karlsruhe and The famous research institutes, such as the Marx - Planck and the Fraunhofer Institute together offers a wide combination of practical and able to meet the highest requirements of the international research project. University and the University of Applied Sciences in Germany set a bachelor's and master's degree courses in German or English teaching, is not only a German student, there are many foreign students in these schools to prepare for the future took to the high demands of professional positions.

Fourth, stronger technological innovation ability. Germany is the largest exporter, which export with most high research products. With the highest density of innovative enterprises in the EU's economic. Between 1997 and 2001, Germany's high-tech industrial sector has created 100,000 jobs, and it’s subsidiaries service areas such as software, marketing and maintenance also created more than 500,000 jobs. Moreover, the European Patent Office has the patent application by more than 20% from Germany. The Number of patent applications from Germany equal to the sum of Japan and the United States, nearly 20% of the patents in the world's on the market is the German patent.

Fifth, the political system is consummate. First of all, Germany's political system has a good ability to defuse the crisis, and to ensure social stability. Secondly, a wholesome social security system. The divide between rich and poor is the factors that lead to social conflict, but the divide between rich and poor in Germany is significantly lower than other countries in the world. Because of Germany has a good social welfare insurance system so that in Germany is difficult to see Rangers.

Sixth, the sound laws and regulations. Germany in the Western world are known for the "state of law", the "economic law" formulated both early and complete. Economic activity in Germany, the legal and policy boundaries clear, high transparency, predictability, and is conducive to business plans and operations. Investment in Germany, just follow the legal procedures will be relatively smooth, non-discriminatory law on domestic investment and foreign investment. Foreign companies enjoy national treatment.

Seventh, sufficient experience in enterprise management. German enterprise management has accumulated a wealth of experience, especially labor co-determination, and facilitate the application of this management approach, easy communication between employees and employers. German companies often work together with the labor representative in order to find a co-decision as the platform, subsequently find a solution , to prevent conflicts. The number of working days lost due to strikes and ban workers in Germany is significantly lower than other countries in the world, fully reflects the success of this model.

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