Why invest in Middle Franconia ?

Bavaria is Germany's largest federal state, is one of the fastest growing economies & most development potential of the region in Europe. Middle Franconia is one of the seven administrative regions of the Bavaria, the capital is Ansbach. This administrative region become one of the 10 German economic zone because of 1.7 million inhabitants and the gross national product of about 54 billion euros. The purchasing power of the residents of this area is higher than the average standard of the German Federal 10%. In accordance with the assessment of the economic growth rate in the past 10 years and competitiveness from Independent Research and Development Institute in Germany and Europe, "this area is the pioneer in the German science and technology area". From April 28. 2005, the federal government finds Administrative Region of Nuremberg -Middle Franconia entered the largest metropolitan area in Europe, and thus the area is identified as the engine of the internationalization of the German economic, social and cultural development.

Investment in this area has the following favorable conditions:
1. Rational economic structure and strong economic power. Middle Franconia areas contain the emerging industry, services, trade and logistics industry. Many international large-scale enterprises and more than 100,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in innovative here rooted and settled, such as Siemens, Adidas, Bosch etc. Middle Franconia in Medieval European well-know as its stronger economic and trade. Till now accounted 41% of the total economic output of the region's foreign trade from this District (federal 37%). The Nuremberg International Exhibition organized over 100 exhibitions annually and became one of the 10 biggest exhibition cities in Europe. The most famous of which is the international toy industry exhibition each year more than 3000 exhibitors. The mainly industrial structure of the region is energy, electronics, electrical technology, auto parts and machinery manufacturing. Other competitive industries included such as information exchange, transportation and automation technology, medical technology, chemical, plastics processing, printing, sports equipment and food processing industry. Also due to the convenient location of the traffic, in recent years, logistics industry is also to flourish.

2. Convenient traffic conditions and perfect infrastructure. With the continuous eastward expansion of the European Union, Middle Franconia Administrative Region has become the center of the economic zone of the whole European Union. Investors can use this as a base, so radiation across Europe. Air traffic, water traffic, rail and highway can extend in all directions to the Middle Franconia District. Its capital city Ansbach located in Junction of two traffic artery A6 (from Paris to Prague) and A7 (from Italy to Scandinavia). Moreover, drive to the international airport in Frankfurt and Munich are only 1.5 hours away from Ansbach. Nuremberg International Airport near Ansbach , daily flight connections to Europe's major economic center.

3. Local colleges and universities to provide human resources support. The region has many famous universities: University of Applied Sciences in Ansbach, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen - Nuremberg, University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg, Nuremberg Conservatory, Weihstephan-Triesdorf applications Technical University etc. The Bavarian government invested in 1996 the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, is one of the important educational base in the region. The University has modern teaching equipment and management system, a lot of new professional set based on the current market demand, such as the Department of Energy and Environmental Technology Engineering, Department of Biotechnology Engineering, multimedia journalism department and the International Engineering Management Department, which attracted many from China students.

4. Association FGZ provided Investment protection. FGZ was established in 2004, aims to promote and consolidate region middel franconia and China co-operation and development in the various fields of economy, culture, education. The members insist municipal mayors, city councilors, lawyers, economic consultants etc. With the support and coordination of the government, the visa for investors to come to Germany and normal economic activities will be effective protection. Moreover, the association will help investors to looking for office locations, providing human resources services, looking for the intention of customers and led negotiations.
5. Beautiful natural environment and relaxed life. Bavaria is well-know as the most beautiful natural scenery in the whole of Germany, and the most beautiful areas in Franconia. Franconia is known as the romantic land of reputation. Europe's famous Romantic Road and the Castle Road located here. The three medieval pearl, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Dinkelsbühl, Nordlingen retained medieval monuments.

Compare with metropolis city like Hamburg, Frankfurt, Ansbach prices are relatively low. Here is the ideal place for shopping, leisure and convalescence. The largest casino in Bavaria situated in city Feuchtwangen, allows you to relax in a tight spare.